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Helpful Hood Cleaner Links

Grease Trap has the unique opportunity to visit with dozens of hood cleaners daily. Cumulatively, we receive several questions and suggestions towards best practice. As a result, Grease Trap feels compelled to share useful information that we feel appropriate. Our intent is to pass along information that pertains to the hood cleaning profession that will help advance our profession.

Disclaimer: We are by no means the authority when it comes to best practice, so please verify local and national requirements that are specific to you before implementing specific practices.

Helpful Hood Cleaner Links/Tips:

1.Buy plastic cheap at: http://jimshare.com/
2.Recommend 1 mil in thickness
3.Place 9' x 15' canvas tarps from Home Depot or Lowes ($20) over kitchen equipment and use 1 mil plastic. The tarps get funky after a while so when they get slick, just pitch them. When done with a job, fold them out long ways to make a 4.5' x 15', then fold them into a 2.25' x 15' and then role them up like a sleeping bag. This works well so that at the next job you can just flip/role them out across the line quickly.
4.Talk to hood cleaners across the U.S. at: http://www.propowerwash.com/board/upload/
5.Use headlamps. Consider Petzl. Petzl has worked good in our hood cleaning environment in terms of dealing with moisture, chemicals, etc. It is the petzl duo 8 LED headlamp. It takes 4 AA rechargeable batteries and charge batteries nightly. It has two lights: halogen and LED lights. We only use the halogen light when needed (e.g. looking down a deep vent), but don't use it when it's not necessary...saves on battery life,etc Here is the quick link from a google search:

Also consider Princeton Tec.

You can get them from REI.

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